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Stories that shake the soul. Your stories.

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Everyone, (and we really mean everyone!) has a story to tell. Your story could be the key to more sales, more connections and more business. At Firewood Pictures we’re passionate about telling your story and telling it right. You have a message you need to share. Using film, we provide the platform for you to shout from.


Telling your story as a commercial is a powerful way to get your message across. You can create a world for your audience that totally immerses them. A commercial is the best way to get a quick “Oh F***!” moment from your audience.


Your story is a powerful one. A documentary is an amazing way of creating a real connection between you and your audience. They can get a real look inside your business and the wonderful people behind it, experiencing the real story behind the scenes.

Talking Head

Sometimes you need a quick chat with your audience. This gets you right in front of the people who need to hear your story direct from the source. We run a twice a month event called a Studio Day to fast-track you to your audience’s eyeballs.



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