Firewood Pictures is an award-winning team of filmmakers and storytellers that exist to make the world a better place through the power of story. We believe that a powerful story well told has the potential to shake someone to the very core, and make a real impact on people's lives.


Firewood is all about helping people share their stories with those that need to hear them. Your story may be best told through a documentary - letting people get to know the faces behind your company, or maybe it's a commercial that guides your audience through a carefully structured narrative sharing with them your message and voice.


We believe in a Story First approach to filmmaking. Our process is all about intentional story-telling, delivered with stunning, cinematic visuals. Whether documentary, commercial, or narrative, we live and breathe the story behind every film we make.




Will is fascinated by the psychology behind storytelling - and why we react to films in the way that we do. His study of human psychology and the psychology of storytelling is something he brings into every film he works on. 


He keeps perspective on the project - what are its aims, are, who it's for, and brings an unbiased voice to every film, letting the story guide him.


In his spare time, Will is a keen photographer.

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A happy crew makes for a happy client – when Asher directs, he fosters a solid, close-knit crew culture, where everyone is working together to bring the client the perfect film.


When it comes to the edit, Asher never takes the obvious path; he works the footage to shape it into something that best serves the story, energy, and intention of the film. 


In his spare time, Asher likes developing his skill set with stylised art and animation, and always likes to be working on a project in some form.

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Oli started his career in marketing creating strong client relationships; working with them to increase their online presence.



Oli has a keen brain for logistics and problem solving keeping everything on track and structured bringing solutions from unexpected places.


He delves deep into the story allowing him to open up potential pathways to take and develop the story.

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Firewood Pictures Ltd. is a Private Limited Company

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